Skin Tip: Lip Balm and Breakouts!

Lip Balm and Acne

If breakouts keep recurring on your chin or jawline, perhaps your lip balm may be the culprit.  Over the last few weeks, I have broken out repeatedly on my chin area and I found it had to do with applying my lip balm right before I went to sleep.

The solution?  Since I haven’t had any problems with this lip balm until I applied it at night, I make sure to apply it a least half an hour before I sleep.  This way, it has a chance to sink in and I can wipe off some of the excess, lessening the chance of it spreading around when I sleep.

Have you ever had this problem?  Share in the comment section below!

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12 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Lip Balm and Breakouts!

  1. Sometimes when my lips are super chapped from the cold I’ll put a little lip on at bedtime, luckily I’ve never had a break out. With that said I’ve broken out from moisturizers on my face that I apply at bedtime. Make sure you swap out your pillow case if it keeps happening, you might be getting a little on the pillow and intern getting a little on your face.

  2. Wow I had never thought of that. I have this awful blemish thing going on right now on my chin. First it started out as a pimple and then I was dumb and picked at it and now it’s scabbed over. Sorry TMI! lol. Needless to say it’s driving me crazy right now! lol. I thought about putting some Egyptian Skin Magic on it to see if that will help the healing process and hopefully prevent some scarring. I got a sample of the Egyptian Skin Magic in a Birchbox and I think this might be a good time to use it. Anyway, thanks for the tip about the lip balm! 🙂 xo

    • Haha no worries! Trust me, I get it. I’m not familiar with Egyptian Skin Magic but it may help. It’s best to touch it as little as possible and make sure you wear sunscreen when going outside- sometimes scars can turn into pigment spots later. Let me know how the product works for you 🙂

  3. Omg such a great tip, I’ve been breaking out a lot on chin 😬😞 now I know why!!!
    Thanks for sharing babe 😘😊

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