Skin Tip: Less Sugar for a Youthful Look!



Most people’s resolutions at the beginning of the year are to eat healthier.  If you need an extra incentive to eat less processed and sugary foods, consider this.  A diet high in sugar accelerates the aging process and can result in inflammation, puffiness and loss of skin radiance.

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21 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Less Sugar for a Youthful Look!

    • Well, you don’t have to swear off all sugar or candy. That would probably be near impossible,lol, but over indulging a lot is when it leads to problems. I think the key to everything is balance/moderation 🙂

  1. I have always loved my sugar! I know I need to cut down for health reasons but I think I look pretty young for all the sugar I have consumed lol. 🙂

    • I love sugar too! I was having those moments where I needed something sweet after I ate. However, I think the key is to learn how to balance. I’ve read studies that explain how excessive amounts can lead to chronic inflammation over time but that will be for another post, lol. You look great though- it’s just something to think about.

    • I had a phase where I craved something sweet every time I ate, lol. Trying to get out of that habit or at least replacing it with something not as sweet. It’s hard though. 😦

    • Maybe incorporating raw honey or something of the like? Of course, my intent isn’t for people too quit sugar all together, but to just be mindful of some of the effects too much sugar can have. We all need sweet treats every now and then. 🙂

      • That could be a great alternative – I never thought of that!! Thanks Stephie 🙂 I completely agree, sweet treats are nice now and again but like you say, we all should be mindful of our sugar intake… I certainly need to work on reducing mine. I have far too much of a sweet tooth!! x

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