My Morning Skincare Routine!

Morning Skincare Routine

Hello readers!  It’s a lovely day here in sunny California which is always great but I’m feeling under the weather.  At the beginning of the year, I always manage to get sick and though I thought I had broken this spell, I’m sadly mistaken. 😦  Anywho, I hope all of you are doing well.

I often get asked what my morning skincare routine so here it is.  Since I am often testing and trying new items, the product lines I use vary but the gist of my routine is the same.

1) CleansingDermalogica Special Cleansing Gel  I used this when I was in school and I really liked it so I pick one up every so often when I go to IDI (Dermalogica Headquarters).  It’s a basic, soap free cleansing solution that foams but doesn’t feel harsh.

2) ToningDermalogica Multi-Active Toner   Again, another product I used in school that I liked, I spritz this toner to wipe away any residue left after cleansing- you’d be surprised by what’s left behind after you cleanse!  It’s refreshing, doesn’t sting and has the humectant Sodium PCA.

3) SerumRenee Rouleau Vitamin C & E Treatment I always make sure to incorporate a vitamin C serum in the morning.  It gives your skin antioxidants to fight free-radicals, results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes the formation of collagen and can also reduce pigmentation due to its brightening properties.  (For more information on vitamin C, click here.)  Paired underneath sunscreen, it gives your skin extra antioxidant protection your skin needs from the sun’s harmful rays, which plays a prominent role in the breakdown of collagen.  This serum is one of the more hydrating vitamin C serums I have tried and I love the fact that it incorporates vitamin E, which nourishes the skin and enhances the effects of vitamin C.  (For more information on vitamin E, click here).  Apply to the face and extend to the neck and chest area.

4) Moisturizer/SunscreenDermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 A staple in any skincare routine is sunscreen!  I’ve purchased this product several times because it combines moisturizer and sunscreen in 1- a true time  saver. It’s light-weight, works well underneath makeup and is formulated with antioxidant white tea.

5) Eye CreamRenee Rouleau Total Eye Repair Cream  Using an eye cream is a must to hydrate the eye area, especially during the colder months, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.  This one contains hyaluronic acid and firming peptides.  It does not irritate my eyes, which some eye creams tend to do, and absorbs quickly into skin leaving it moisturized without a heavy feel.  As for the firming effect, my eye area isn’t lax so I did not notice a difference in this aspect.

Disclaimer:  The Renee Rouleau products were recommended and given to me by Renee (thank you!), however, ALL reviews are based on my own honest opinions and experiences. 

I hope you found this helpful on how I keep my skin healthy and protected! 🙂

Have a great Tuesday,



48 thoughts on “My Morning Skincare Routine!

    • Thanks Karen! Just when I thought I was in the clear… wishful thinking. I hope this gives you insight on what you may want to incorporate- it’s what works for me. It takes time and patience but once you get into the habit, it becomes easier 🙂

      • Awwh you poor thing!!! It has done… once payday arrives it’s time to update the contents of my beauty cabinet 🙂 Nothing like a good routine for great skin care X

      • It’s okay…I think I’m catching whatever is going around. I have a doctor’s appt on Thurs so looking forward to find out what’s going on. Can’t wait to see what skincare goodies you get. 🙂

      • Good luck with your appointment huni – hopefully they’ll catch & remedy whatever it is! There’s so many bugs & viruses going about this time of year – nightmare! Xo

      • Thanks Karen! I seem to have gotten quite a bit of everything. Ear infection, sore throat, congestion, pressure…horrible. But, I have my cocktail of medications now and hope to start feeling better soon. I appreciate your sweet comments. 🙂

      • Slow and steady wins the race Stephie 😉 I took something similar on Christmas day and had myself convinced 4 days later I was fine… not in the slightest. Two relapses later and some very strong antibiotics I admitted that rest and taking the recoup process very easy was the best way to get over it – and I finally did!! Good to know you are feeling a little better as each day passes ❤ Xo xo

      • Oh no! Whatever bug is floating around is just very resistant. Kind of scary when I think about it. I was surprised that I need to take medication 3 times a day for 10 days. Yikes! I’m so glad that you are feeling better though. I will take your advice on the resting part because I’d like to think at times that I can handle it all and I’m fine. Thanks for the well wishes Karen. Hugs. 🙂

    • Thanks! I have a doctor’s appt on Thursday so we’ll see. Thanks for the compliment. It’s all about finding products that work for you and these have been pretty great for me. If you do try them, let me know how they work for you. 🙂

      • Well I’ve only tried the ones I have currently – I have dry skin so I’m using the Precleanse, Essential Cleansing Solution and the Intensive Moisture Balance moisturizer. I really like them as they keep my skin hydrated but not heavy. The Precleanse smells amazing and is great for all skin types and for removing any kind of makeup (even waterproof). ❤

      • Precleanse is one of the best oil cleansers I have tried thus far. You’re right, the smell is phenomenal and it removes makeup nicely. I actually have the Precleanse wipes right now and though I do not use them everyday (they can get $$$) I use them when I have a more dramatic makeup look. Easy peasy. I like the Essential Cleansing Solution- it’s a creamy cleanser that also can double as a makeup remover. 🙂 I wasn’t a huge fan of Intensive Moisture Balance (the smell is a bit odd) but I’m glad these work for you. I also love and use the Daily Microfoliant every now and then too. 🙂

    • SPF is always a must, especially in winter. Many people think since it’s overcast the sun isn’t as strong but that’s not the case. So keep it up Jen. Ah well believe me my skin has a few hiccups here and there. You seem to have good skin as well. How is the serum with hyaluronic acid working for you? Feel better too!

      • It’s been great actually, my face usually feels dried out by this time during the winter and so far so good, no dry patches. My lips how ever need something. I don’t know if its just a side effect of the cold I’m nursing or what but they have been super dry and I’ve been using all different lip balms to counteract my horrible dry cracked lips. 😦 I can’t win. I hope you’re doing a little bit better today! 🙂

      • Good to hear about the serum, sorry to hear about your lips. Are you taking medication? Sometimes taking a Benedryl dries out my lips so much but it’s weird because it feels like it comes from the inside, if that makes any sense. No matter how moisturizing a lip balm will be, my lips just don’t feel moisturized. After a few days or so everything returns to normal though. Could be a side effect. I am doing better, thank you. Hope you feel better too! 🙂

      • I am taking Benadryl, I never thought that could be what’s causing it. I guess benadryl acts as a drying agent to clear you up so maybe that is the problem.

      • That’s what I’ve noticed in my case, it could be different for you. I just payed attention to when m lips felt that way and it was every time I took Benedryl for more than 2 days. Hope you feel better soon. ❤

      • I was taking it for about 5 days, which is when my lips were the worst. I just needed something to keep my symptoms down while I was away. I stop taking it and noticed a slight change, who knows, but totally interesting that you noticed a difference. Thanks for mentioning it to me. 🙂

      • I think so! Its been a few days now since I stopped taking it and my lips are pretty much back to normal. I’m going to keep in mind that if I take benadryl my lips might look like a hot mess. lol

      • Oh wow! Yes, as long as you are prepared for it, then you know what to expect. Interesting. Well, at lest now I know that I am not the only one. It feels so weird, right?

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