How To Disinfect Makeup Tools When You’re Sick!




Good morning readers!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. 🙂

Since a lot of people (myself included) have been sick, I wanted to briefly touch on how I disinfect my makeup/makeup tools when this happens.  Now, I try not to wear makeup when I am sick, (it’s usually the last thing on my mind) however sometimes you need to look semi presentable so here’s my scoop.

Disposable Sponges

When I need a little bit of coverage and apply foundation, disposable sponges are my go-to choice because, well they’re disposable.  What a concept, right? 🙂  As soon as you are done, any contamination that may linger on the sponge goes straight into the trash.


Cleansing brushes on a regular basis is crucial not matter what but I feel it becomes a tad more important when you are sick.  I wash them with warm water and a little bit of baby body wash.  After I lay them flat and they dry, I like to cleanse them again using a brush cleansing solution.  MAC Brush Cleanser and Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser are my favorites.


An easy way to disinfect pencil-type products (e.g. eyeliner pencils, lip pencils) is to sharpen them.  However, if you had something like an eye infection, your best bet might be to just toss it out and get a new one.

Makeup Products

For lip products (i.e. lip balm, lipstick) I like to spritz them down with a cosmetic sanitizer such as Eve Pearl Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Sanitizer.  You can also use this on eyeshadows, blushes, etc.  Also, if you need to use a lip balm when you’re sick but don’t want to contaminate it, you can scoop out the product with a plastic spatula.  You can then toss the spatula or clean and disinfect it.

Also, in case you missed it, I did write a post on how to take care of your skin when you are sick, so if you’re interested, click here.

Was this information helpful? Please comment below and feel free to add your go-to items.



26 thoughts on “How To Disinfect Makeup Tools When You’re Sick!

  1. Really great tips!! Thanks for sharing Stephanie! I finally just bought a new eye pencil sharpener myself. I had been using the one I had for too long and then I lost it so maybe that was a sign lol. 🙂

  2. Great tips! I always toss chap sticks, lipsticks, balms, gloss (only if they been used during the sick period), along with everyones toothbrushes. lol I swear I can’t worry about being sick so I just toss stuff. Unfortunately its a costly decision.

    • I can imagine it’s a bit costly but it’s better to be safe than sorry. In the long run, staying sick ends up more $$$. Thanks for tip with the toothbrush-that never really crossed my mind. Ooops.

  3. Omg I never thought about disinfecting my lip balm that’s a really good idea eeek for me lolol. I wash my brushes daily because if I don’t I instantly break out if it has product on it. My skin hates life so it likes to make me work lolol. I need to buy that sanitizer! Great tips!!! xoxo Janet

    • I’m always trying to come up with good and creative blog posts so I am so glad this was helpful. 🙂 I love the sanitizer but as a brush cleanser I’d go with MAC or Cinema Secrets. 🙂

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