Skin Tip: Dry Brushing for Cellulite!

With swimsuit and short season here, reduce the appearance of cellulite with dry brushing.  A form of exfoliation, dry brushing helps remove toxins and allows lymph fluid to move into the lymph nodes, thus eliminating waste.

How to use: gently brush legs with long, upward strokes.

Have a great weekend everyone and be on the lookout for a bonus post featuring July’s Birchbox unboxing and first impressions on Monday!


9 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Dry Brushing for Cellulite!

  1. I give up on cellulite and just accept it lol. I just don’t wear short things. I’m looking forward to seeing what you got in your Birchbox! I hope you have a great weekend Stephanie! 🙂 xo

  2. I was thinking I might need to give up beach activity this summer because of that… thank you for tips, I will work on it with dry brushing! Have a great weekend Stephanie ❤

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