Skin Tip For This Labor Day Weekend!

It’s Friday and it brings Labor Day weekend with it! Yay! Any fun plans?

Speaking of Labor Day, if you’re planning on firing up the grill this weekend keep this tip in mind.  If you happened to get sunburned, the heat generated from the grill can further aggravate an already irritated complexion.  Keep some aloe vera gel (and maybe some ibuprofen) handy if this is the case.

Have a great and safe weekend and don’t forget to catch me on Stephanie’s Beauty Corner on Saturday courtesy of the Peachy Queen Blog! Check out some of the latest fall fashion and accessories while you’re at it too! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Skin Tip For This Labor Day Weekend!

  1. Happy holiday weekend! My hubby, the rugrat and I will be headed to St. Augustine, Fl. I think it’s the oldest colonized city in the US or something!? I’m sure it will be busy, but it will be fun! What are you going to be up to!?

    • Oh that sounds like fun. Take lots of pictures! I’d love to see them. I’m thinking of doing a tour of LA as if I were a tourist. My cousin and I thought it would be a good idea. I mean we live near LA but sometimes I feel people know more about the area more than us so we came up with this idea. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

      • You should! And I’m going to need you to take lots of pics to cause I’d love to see it. My husband and I love “touring” the towns around us… you’d be surprised what you can find!

      • Yes! I’m not the best photographer, FYI, -that’s my sister’s job- but I will do my best. I’ll see if I come across something new. It’s pretty exciting. 🙂

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