Skin Tip: Ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant!

Happy Friday readers!  Can’t believe it’s Friday again!

When you are pregnant, here are three major skincare ingredients to avoid: retinol, Isotretinoin and hydroquinone.  If you’re ever in doubt of which ingredients to use, ask your healthcare professional.

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to The Peachy Queen Blog for great posts including a new and exclusive post where I will be talking about the red lipstick as concealer trend!


5 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant!

  1. Most obgyn’s will tell you to quit most if not all your skincare products if you’re unsure of what’s in them to be on the safe side, they usually give you a printed listed. Pregnant ladies need bring their treasured skin products to their prenatal appointments to check and get the ok from the doctor. I did it when I pregnant both times, you never know what ingredients can cause birth defects, it’s not worth taking the chance and playing the guessing game. Great post, girl!

      • Mostly just ones with natural ingredients, St. Ives scrubs were ok. It was next to nothing though, couldn’t even use over the counter anti-acne creams. I felt bad for one of my friends, she dealt with horrible acne and she couldn’t use her regular anti-acne meds, plus she was taking birth control that actually had the anti-acne medication built into it so that was of course a no-no now that she was pregnant. So the poor girl had huge break outs through out her pregnancy. They call pregnancy the labor of love and so it is. lol 😉

      • Oh, okay. Acne is terrible so I can just imagine being pregnant too. I think they said Benzoyl Peroxide in concentrations of 2% or less were okay but I would always suggest checking in with the MD. Labor of love indeed. I have not been pregnant yet but I’ve heard stories. I’m sure it is well worth it in the end though as you bring a tiny human into the world. 🙂

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