Skin Tip: Fall Skincare Tip!

Friday is here which means my weekly skin tip!

With fall and cooler weather around, now is the perfect time to have more invasive skincare treatments such as chemical peels and laser treatments to help with uneven skin tone and reveal a rejuvenated appearance.

See you next week readers! 


10 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Fall Skincare Tip!

  1. Yes! I definitely agree! And if you allow me, I will add that with the intensification of the invasive treatments the use of sunscreen becomes not only recommended but MANDATORY!
    Use your sun protection ladies, before it’s too late!

    Have an amazing weekend beautiful!
    Lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

      • In theory my beautiful Stephie! In theory! Because even if I’m always preaching, if there’s something I’m always guilty of that’s definitely of forgetting to put on my sunscreen! 😩😔😅xx

      • I think we all have those days here and there but it is important! My grandpa just found out he has skin cancer by his ear. It was caught in time but yes, super important!

      • Omg lovely! 😰 So sad to hear that! I had an auntie who died because of cancer unfortunately! But it’s such a good thing that your Grandpa discovered it in time! I hope he gets well soon! Lots of xx

  2. I was actually just think about this. I actually want to go back to my dermatologist to maybe talk about doing the Obagi system. Btw what are your thoughts on that? Is it worth doing?

    • I haven’t had personal experience with this brand but I have heard good things, mainly about their Vitamin C serum and peels. Are you looking to treat hyper pigmentation? I think there is a new line of Obagi products called ZO Health or something like that. The med-spa I did my internship at used it.

      • Well yeah my freckles are pretty noticeable again even though I very been diligent with the sunscreen. I’m hoping as the cooler weather kicks in they’ll fade a bit but so far it’s Oct and I’m still rocking my summer freckles. You’ll see when I do my UD post my freckles really show up in some of the pics. My husband thinks they’re cute but I don’t like them. :/

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