Skin Tip: Skin Cancer Reminder!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s skin tip hits close to home as my grandfather recently discovered he has skin cancer on his ear. Thank God it was caught on time but it serves as a reminder that we need to make sure we are covering all our exposed areas when applying sunscreen.  Our ears and the tops of our feet are commonly forgotten places but areas where skin cancer can develop.    It’s also a good reminder to have yearly checkups with a dermatologist for safety measures.

Wishing you a safe weekend! 


8 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Skin Cancer Reminder!

  1. Sorry to hear that lovely! Good think it was caught on time! I think I already told you that my aunt died of breast cancer a few years ago! This still is the most awful disease! And October is the breast cancer awareness month so well done talking about it! xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

  2. This is such a good reminder! I often forget to apply sunscreen and almost always forget my ears. Thank you for sharing this! I hope all goes well with your grandfather’s recovery. xxx

  3. Wow so glad to hear that it was caught in time! I never think about my ears or the tops of my feet, so this is great advice (esp living in Fl where I’m always in flip-flops)!

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