NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!

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Happy Tuesday readers!  Hope your weekend was great. 🙂

After much debate, I finally caved in and purchased two NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream products.  I’m currently obsessed with nude/pink shades so I picked up the shades Athens and London.  Let’s get to the review!

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Described as a “velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX fan favorite.”


Creamy on initial application

Nicely pigmented/opaque coverage

Amazing scent

Decent lasting power

Budget friendly at $6/ea

Great array of colors


Slow dry down time

Feels drying once it sets

Color of bottle doesn’t match the actual shade

Needs to be reapplied after drinking/eating

Overall: Aside from the amazing cake scent once you open these, I noticed that the shades don’t necessarily match the bottle so I highly recommend swatching these in store beforehand.  They feel very creamy when you first apply them and stay that way for about 10-20 minutes-the dry down time on these is fairly long.  Once dry, this is a true matte finish so it will feel dry unless you apply a little bit of lip balm underneath.  Exfoliating lips prior comes in handy so that the color doesn’t cling to dry patches. These have decent lasting power, however, they do come off if you are eating or drinking and you’ll need to reapply.  I’m happy with these though as they provide good pigmentation and are inexpensive.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens- a peach/pink nude.  Very similar to a MLBB shade on me.

NYX Athens


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London- a peach/beige nude.  Applied a little streaky at first but layering helps.

NYX London


Another swatch in the light.

SMLC Swatches

Top-Bottom: Athens and London

I hope you found this review helpful. 🙂


Have you tried these?  What shades do you recommend? 


25 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!

  1. I’m a sucker for the smell of NYX lip products – but too bad about these feeling dry and the colours not appearing as they do in the tube. There’s a new NYX store in town which I’m planning to check out – I’ll steer clear of these (I hate dry feeling lip products).

    • These smell amazing! Yes, these do tend to dry to a true matte finish but I find a little bit of lip balm underneath helps. If you do want to try them, I know the NYX here has a good return policy so just in case they don’t work out, you can return them. I highly recommend checking out the Intense Butter Glosses though. Serious pigmentation and I don’t find them drying. Can’t wait to see what you get. 🙂

  2. Those shades look so pretty! I bought of few of these a year or two ago and they came out kind of chunky like they were old or something so I ended up just tossing them! But they did smell good 🙂 I must have gotten a bad batch or something :/

    • They are nice! I love Athens more though because I found London is a bit streaky at times. The texture is a little different but I wouldn’t classify them as chunky so yeah, maybe that was a bad batch. 😦 Ah, the smell. Seriously, I can smell them all day, lol. If you do purchase one, maybe try Athens- I think you’d like that one. 🙂

  3. The quality of these really seem to vary by color. I tried 4. Love 1, Like 1, eh on another, & absolutely hated 1. So weird some are more flakey & patchy. I want to try their new colors Rome & Seoul tho.

    • I feel maybe the lighter colors would have more issues but I could be wrong. Athens is a great shade on me but I wasn’t super enthused with London. It’s nice but I also got the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Peanut Brittle and I am loving that one more. There new shades look good! 🙂

  4. I’ve only ever tried the Butter Glosses but I’ve heard such good things about these! I’m not a big matte lip product fan so its nice to hear that these aren’t too drying. Great review!

    • I think it helps if you put a bit of lip balm underneath. If you don’t then they will dry pretty matte. It’s so weird because it applies so creamy and then slowly the texture starts to change. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. I’m not a fan of these at all. I’m not a messy eater or anything, but they seem to completely come off every single time I use these. My lips also hurt so much after these wear off my lips. Great review though!

    • Oh yeah, if I drink or eat anything, these will definitely start to rub off. I don’t have the darker shades so I can’t attest to their lasting power but yeah, these came off easily when I drank something. Oh no. Maybe you are allergic or sensitive to an ingredient in these. 😦 I had a similar experience with one of the Dior Addict products. My lips hurt and even felt like they were burning. Best to stay away from them. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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