Skin Tip: Fall Skincare Tip!

#Fall #skincare tip for glowing skin!

Stephie Estie

Friday is here which means my weekly skin tip!

With fall and cooler weather around, now is the perfect time to have more invasive skincare treatments such as chemical peels and laser treatments to help with uneven skin tone and reveal a rejuvenated appearance.

See you next week readers! 


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11 thoughts on “Skin Tip: Fall Skincare Tip!

  1. I did IPL with Fraxel about 6 months ago and I really loved it. Planning to do it again! I had the Deep Erbium done under my eyes which produced amazing results but that was a general anesthesia procedure. It’s been 8 weeks, still the area is red but wonderful results so far!

    • I’ve heard several people get IPL/Fraxel treatments and they’re pretty happy with it so I’m so glad to hear you loved it as well. It can be quite intense but for the right candidates, it’s well worth it. I hadn’t heard of Deep Erbium but I have to look into that now. How long is the recovery time supposed to be?

      • Deep Erbium is a more invasive laser (kind of like the CO2 laser resurfacing but a not as aggressive) – It’s been 9 weeks or so since I had it done and the skin is still a bit red under my eyes but it can be hidden with makeup. The wrinkles are 100% GONE but I also had fat grafting in the area to eliminate wrinkles as well under the eye. I had tried everything before this route. Hard core peels, every product on the face of the earth, Fraxel, etc. It was just that time where I had to decide to live with it and accept it or address it surgically so I decided on the surgery. I’m in my mid 40s though (46) and I had my upper lids done at the same time so I sort of overhauled my eyes before they were at a point where someone would really notice I did something. With the CO2 and Erbium lasers, you wait a while for the full results as it takes several months for the healing to complete and the skin to produce new collagen and tighten up.

      • I’ve seen pics on Instagram and Janine you can’t tell you’ve had anything done. It’s a refreshing thing for you to be open about what procedures you’ve done versus the oh I just have good genes route. I’d definitely be interested in the post! 🙂

      • I’m really careful about what I do and who does it. Nothing is genes for me. I only look younger than my age because I’ve religiously done botox, fillers, and now I did blepharoplasty and lower eye surgery. Mother Nature and I are having a major battle!

      • I think as I get older, I’d be open to the idea of trying fillers and seeing how it goes. And yes, it’s super important to seek out well qualified professionals for these types of treatments. They’ve done a great job of keeping it natural!

      • I began really young because I was looking to avoid any lines or wrinkles setting in. It has worked but OMG, it has cost me a fortune. Like I work for that and that only. LOL

      • Yeah, it can get pretty pricey quick! It reminds me of this quote that I read. Something among the lines of Success is the only option because I have expensive taste in makeup/skincare. So true, lol! 🙂

      • I think it would be interesting to read about it. It’s always great to see reviews on people who actually experienced a treatment. Maybe you could put a disclaimer about the photos? It is after all an idea of what’s to be expected.

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