Skin Tip: Spring Cleaning Your Skincare!

Spring is here and while you’re busy spring cleaning your house, don’t forget about your skincare too!  Now is the time to analyze what’s working for you and what isn’t.  Perhaps your moisturizer is feeling too heavy now that the weather is warming up so switching to a lighter one helps. Also, spring usually brings about allergies and certain medications can cause your skin to become sensitive temporarily so keep that in mind in case your skin all of a sudden feels a bit sensitive.

I apologize for not posting on Tuesday and yesterday but I needed time to regroup after the UCLA Extension course. It was an amazing class and I am excited to take future classes with them. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend readers! 



Skin Tip: Over Exfoliating Can Lead to Sensitivity!

Happy Friday readers!

Over the weekend I had a consultation with someone who was concerned with dry and tight feeling skin. After asking her questions regarding lifestyle and product use, I learned that she was exfoliating daily with a cleanser that had tiny beads.  While exfoliating is great, moderation, like anything else is key.  Too much can cause sensitivity, inflammation and dry skin as the skin’s protective barrier  becomes impaired.  Limit use to 2-3x per week.

Quick updates: 

My laptop got some kind of weird virus so that’s getting fixed over the weekend but I apologize if I am behind on comments and commenting on your posts;it’s a bit difficult to keep up with a phone/tablet.

Next week is my UCLA class and I’ll be busy trying to get everything in order but I have a few short posts lined up.  Here’s to hoping nothing else goes wrong. 🙂

If any of you pray, please keep me in your prayers- I’d really appreciate it.  I have been sick on and off for about two months now and I feel some of the medications I’ve taken have led to other problems.  It is very frustrating when you get rid of one issue and something else pops up.  I have two doctor’s appointments Monday so I hope I can start getting this resolved.

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Skin Tip: Potential Skin Irritants!


Happy Friday readers!  I was dismissed from jury duty so everything should be back to normal next week.

I met up with Karla, a fellow esthetician friend, last Sunday and the conversation drifted to potential skin irritants.  Sometimes when our skin feels itchy or sensitive, it may be caused by the detergent you use to wash your clothes.  Interestingly, and I’ve experienced this myself, dryer sheets can also be a culprit in this matter.  Always consult your physician as your case can be something else entirely but this is also a good thing to watch out for and keep in mind.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be posting my giveaway details next Tuesday!