My Top 3 Healthy Summer Tips!

Hi everyone!

We’re into June (my birthday month!) and summer is right around the corner.  Many of us are looking for ways to look our best and today I’m sharing some easy tips for achieving a perfect, healthy summer glow.

Protect Your Skin


One of the most important aspects on achieving healthy skin is to protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While exposure to sunlight creates vitamin D, also known as the ‘the sunshine vitamin’, it is also responsible for 90% of all skin cancers.  Excessive and unprotected UV exposure accelerates the aging process, degrading collagen that results in premature wrinkle formation and rough leathery skin.  Using broad spectrum sunscreen everyday and reapplying every two hours, especially when outside is crucial and remember that 90% of UV reflection from sand and water bounces back!

Protect From Within!


Summer brings a bevy of delicious rich fruits and vegetables and eating these antioxidant rich foods does wonders for our body and skin! UV exposure and environmental pollution unleash free radicals that cause inflammation, oxidation, disease, and aging in the body- especially wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Because free radicals are unstable, they damage healthy cells when trying to stabilize themselves.  Luckily, antioxidants can help reverse this damage and work as shields against further damage to tissues and cells.  One of my favorite fruits that are in season during summer are blueberries.  These tiny berries are bursting with antioxidants, have a low glycemic index and can be tossed into smoothies or oatmeal.

Take A Break…A Water Break, That Is!


As temperatures rise, we need to keep in mind our daily fluid intake.  It’s so easy to get caught up in outdoor activities and forget to hydrate but our body and skin rely on water to function properly.  Water aids in the elimination of toxins and waste, helps regulate body temperature and sustains cell health.  If you’re not fond of plain water, try infusing it with your favorite fruit.  Strawberries are another great and in season fruit for summer.  High in vitamin C and folate, strawberries help with collagen maintenance, provide antioxidants, and boost circulation for healthy skin respectively. A win-win!

What are your tips for summer?


*All photography used here was done by my sister.

Simple Strawberry Bisque Recipe!

Straberry Bisque

Hi readers!  As promised, I have another strawberry themed recipe for you today that is inspired by a Carnival cruise I took late last year.  For the formal dinner, I ordered the strawberry bisque and I fell in love right away.  It was so cool and refreshing and it’s such a perfect recipe to make this summer, now that strawberries are in season. I looked up the recipe online and decided to recreate it with a few minor tweaks.  Here’s my take.


3 c strawberries

1 1/2 water

3 tbs lemon juice

1 cup Greek Yogurt (honey flavored)

1/2 cup heavy cream

Optional: Fresh mint (flavor and garnish)


Blend strawberries and water in a blender.

Stir in heavy cream, Greek yogurt and lemon juice.

Chill for several hours before serving and top off with mint.

*Side note:  The original recipe calls for sour cream and you can add that or plain Greek yogurt.  I decided to use honey flavored Greek yogurt in place of sugar but you can use 3/4 c sugar instead too.  You can find the recipes I searched up here and here.

A picture of the strawberry bisque I had aboard the ship.

Strawberry Bisque Orig

And that’s it.  An easy to make treat that you can enjoy with the family or share with others.

Now I’d love to hear from you!  Would you enjoy seeing more posts like these?  Let me know in the comments.