Summer Must Have: Nail Colors with Guest Blogger Cos!


Hi Everyone!

The sweet and lovely Stephanie invited me over here today to share with you my 10 polish picks for this summer.  I have to tell you Stephanie, I was so flattered to be included in your awesome summer picks series.  Thank you!

If you read my blog, The World of Cos, you know, I have an obsession with periwinkle polish.  Therefore, I tried my best when picking 10 polishes for summer 2015 to mix it up some and picture what colors I like to see the most in the summer.  When I picture summer polishes I think neon’s, soft creams, and special effects.


I go a little crazy with neon polish on my toes in the summer and probably could do a whole post with 10+ neon polishes for summer, but for this post, I will stick with two neon polishes.


L to R: Funky Fingers Power Play, Zoya Ali

  • Funky Fingers Power Play– This bright purple magenta polish looks like Zoya Charisma, but it is super affordable and dries glossy.  This wearable neon is stylish.
  • Zoya Ali– This hot pink polish is bright, beautiful, long-wearing, and has a lovely formula.  Just picture polish on a girl wearing a swimsuit.


Creams are probably my favorite formula of polish since they are smooth and look so feminine.  I chose four creams for summer.


L to R: OPI Alpine Snow, Nails Inc. Regents Place, Floss Gloss Wet, Essie Groove is In the Heart

  • OPI Alpine Snow– This elegant white polish (though a tad thick) looks chic on the nails.  White polish looks fabulous with floral and flowing summer dresses.
  • Nails Inc. Regents Place– I had to include my perfect periwinkle.  It is gorgeous and long-wearing.  Just like Alpine Snow, this color is very wearable and looks cool and breezy on the nails.
  • Floss Gloss Wet– This turquoise green polish is one of those rare wearable greens for me that I want to wear to the pool.  It has enough blue in it to prevent me from looking overly yellow.  I would have to test it, but I think it is a potential dupe for China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle with a better formula.
  • Essie Groove is In the Heart– This peachy pink polish is included, because it is cute and girlie.  This is a color I want to wear at a BBQ or picnic.  I have to warn you even though this is part of the Essie 2015 Neon’s collection, but it is NOT neon.

Special Effects

Summer is the time to play with colors and special effect polishes look great in the sun.  I went with four I think look good at any age.


L to R: KBShimmer What Are You Wading For?, Essie Muse Myself, Butter London Airy Fairy, KBShimmer Pigment of My Imagination

  • KBShimmer What Are You Wading For?– This is a periwinkle linear holographic.  A photo cannot capture the beauty of this polish in the sun.  As you move your nails in the sunlight, you will see the colors of the rainbow on your nails.  It is just mesmerizing.
  • Essie Muse Myself– Summer equals fun in my mind. The Essie Silk Watercolors are definitely fun.  I would pick all the non-white colors in that collection if I could.  Since I am limited to 10 polishes, I choose Muse Myself.  I went with this one because it reminds me of navel oranges and beach balls.  This citrus yellow orange polish is a perfect splash of color on your summer white nails.
  • Butter London Airy Fairy– This is a blue turquoise shimmery polish. When I look at this sparkly beautiful polish, I think of the ocean.  Ah…  I miss the beach.
  • KBShimmer Pigment of My Imagination– This beautiful multi-chrome purple polish shifts colors to red and orange in the light. This is the polish that makes me think of the transition of Summer to Fall.  I choose this as a Summer polish instead of a Fall polish, because the color shifts show the best in sunlight.

That wraps up my 10 summer polish picks for Summer 2015.  What are your picks?  I definitely could pick many more and I know I left out some favorites that are similar to the ones I listed.

Thank you again Stephanie for inviting me to guest post on your blog.

Thanks for visiting and have a terrific Tuesday!

*Thank you so much Cos for giving us your awesome insight!- Stephanie*