3 Important Tips for Halloween Makeup !

halloween makeup tools

With Halloween near, some of you may don to wear elaborate makeup for parties and why not?  Heck, one of my favorite costumes was when I dressed up as a Homecoming Zombie Queen, complete with blood and gore.  So. Much. Fun.  Here’s a few tips and tricks to ensure that the horror factor lasts only one night and doesn’t come back to haunt you days later….

Patch Test

ALWAYS conduct a patch test when trying out makeup, especially Halloween makeup as there are  many pigments and colors (red and blue) that can be irritating to the skin and cause an allergic reaction.  Prosthetics may or may not contain latex so make sure to ask questions about what is being used.  Also, if you’re going to use false lashes, keep in mind that many have adverse reactions to the adhesive so tread with caution and to be safe, ask for a P.D. test to be performed.


Applying a primer on the skin not only keeps makeup lasting longer but it also creates a barrier between the skin, allowing makeup to sit on top of that instead of the skin.

Double Cleanse

Facilitate the removal of makeup by using oil-based makeup wipes.  A personal favorite is Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes which makes removing false eyelashes or stubborn makeup easier and doesn’t require harsh pulling or tugging of the skin. Follow up with your cleanser afterwards to thoroughly remove any heavy, thick layers of makeup that can clog pores and contribute to acne.

Have something fun planned for Halloween?  Let me know in the comments below! 




Skin Tip: Halloween Edition!


Since it’s Halloween, most of us are dressing up and probably using some type of face makeup. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your makeup lasts and your skin stays protected!

1) Use a primer before painting your face to provide a barrier between your skin and the makeup- this way, the makeup sits on top of your primer instead of directly on the skin.

2) Remove all makeup after your event is done! Sleeping in stage makeup that is loaded with heavy waxes, colors and oils is a recipe for breakouts and irritation. If possible, use an oil-based cleanser to help dissolve makeup so that there is minimal rubbing, tugging, and pulling. Milk/cream cleansers can work just as well or use makeup wipes as another option. Follow with your cleanser to remove any leftover residue and moisturize.

Thanks for reading, have a fun Halloween weekend, and stay tuned next week!


Halloween Ideas!

Halloween is almost here and if you’re still not sure what to wear or are looking for any ideas, check out some of the things I have done in previous years!

Queen of Hearts/Alice in Wonderland

This one was a great fun look for me to try.     


I actually bought the costume for this one but also put in my unique twist.  I bought a clip-on top hat and purchased red extensions to put throughout my hair.


Red lips, a cat-eye look with gray/black eyeshadow, red blush  and extravagant eyelashes were what I used to complete this look.



Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite shows so I decided to dress up as the Evil Queen.  She is usually shown wearing long dark dresses or corset type tops with fitted pants-I went with the latter wardrobe.  I drew some inspiration from this picture.

Evil Queen OUAT

Evil Queen 1


I wore black tights, a black/grey corset top, knee high black boots and a black cape.  Of course, no evil queen is complete without the red apple.  I used a fake prop apple for this pic but for a party, you don’t really want to haul an apple in your hand so I made a necklace using an old necklace and attaching a small apple I found in a teacher’s supply store.

Hair and Makeup

Since my hair was already black I just tied it into a high ponytail.  For makeup, I wanted high cheekbones so I contoured my cheeks with Nars blush in Douceur.  I opted for red liptsick, a smokey eye and false eyelashes to complete the look.

Homecoming  Zombie Queen

As much as I would love to take the credit for the makeup here, only the concept and wardrobe was mine.  The makeup was done by my very talented friend and fellow esthetician colleague Martha McCullagh.  Blood and veins were key in this look.

H Zombie


zombie 2

Everything put together!  I used an old dress I had from Windsor, applied more fake blood and a bit of grey eyeshadow on my legs arms and dress.  I teased my hair a little bit more (yes, that is actually my hair!), and for the finishing touch applied the tiara which had fake blood splattered on it as well.

I enjoyed all of these costumes, but the zombie look was by far one of my favorites-so fun! Just an FYI:  Blood on the neck/chest area isn’t the best thing if you are driving- be prepared to have sticky blood on the seat belt strap.  Also, when you are driving, people will stop and do a double take after they see you.  Have fun with it but drive carefully!

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a costume.   Just a few staples items here and there and a bit of creativity are needed.

Hope you found this post fun and helpful.  Let me know if you try any of them out!