Labor Day Fun: TMZ Tour!

TMZ Tour



Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your Labor Day weekend?

Yesterday my cousin and I decided to drive over to Hollywood and take the TMZ Tour.  We’ve been to LA a ton of times before but when we read an opportunity to see the hottest spots in Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills we thought why not?  It’s always great to see your city from a different perspective. So, armed with a tour guide direct from TMZ, we set out on this adventure.


TMZ Laila

A quick picture with our tour guide Leila.

Hotel Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard once resided.  It’s also known for hauntings and paranormal activity.

Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont hotel where Sofia Coppola shot her film Somewhere and were Tim Burton and F. Scott Fitzgerald have produced work from inside the hotel.

House of Blues

The music venue on Sunset Blvd, the House of Blues, will be closing its doors and making room for a new luxury hotel.

The Viper Room

The Viper Room-a music venue and nightclub that was once partly owned by Johnny Depp and known to be a hangout of the Hollywood elite.  This was also the site where actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose in 1993.


Craig’s on Melrose is one the celebrity restaurant hot spots.


A quick stop in front of The Abbey Food and Bar where a waiter came with a silver patter of  chocolate chip cookies.

TMZ CookieI didn’t notice it had a TMZ icing scribble until I was looking back at the pictures, haha.

Beverly Hills

Entering Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive

Driving down the luxury shopping, dining and hotel destinations known as Rodeo Drive.  You’ll find Brioni, Chanel, Gucci, Harry Winston, Valentino and The House of Bijan (above) to which you need an appointment.  Only in Hollywood.

The Gym

The Gym on Nemo where Channing Tatum works out.  Sadly, no sign of Channing yesterday. 😦


Mr. Chow

Another celebrity restaurant hot spot, Mr. Chow. Chris McMillan

The salon that is home to Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist.  He’s known for creating ‘The Rachel’ haircut and a haircut appointment with him will set you back only $600 plus tip of course.

Sur Lounge

Sur Lounge, which is owned by Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, offers a fresh take on European-Mediterranean dining.

The Ivy

Speaking of Lisa Vanderpump, the tour group spotted her having lunch at The Ivy.  Unfortunately, when I took the picture she had just turned around but she’s the brunette right under the umbrella.

Improv Comedy Club

The Improv Comedy Club where nearly every big name comedian has played including Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin.

FairFax HS

Fairfax High School that once saw Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses), Matt Damon, Chanel Iman, Demi Moore and Slash grace its halls.


The last stop was a glimpse of the Hollywood sign.

There was definitely a lot more places we saw such as the Ago restaurant (co-owned by Robert De Niro), the, Osteria Mozzo restaurant (owned by Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali) , the exclusive Soho House West Hollywood, and 1 Oak Nightclub but we either zoomed by or the pictures came out too blurry. Overall, it was a different and unique experience and I enjoyed it.  I just wish we had seen more celebs.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this mini picture tour!



Lights, Curtain, Dance!


Latinva Group

Last week I talked about the importance of making time for you, and besides skincare (of course!)  here is a glimpse into one of my “me time” indulgences-dance!

I participated in the Gym Crew Challenge at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre over the weekend, performing with the Latinva Dance Crew and it was a blast! I used to do ballet, tap and jazz when I was younger but I had forgotten how much fun and nerve wrecking it all could be. Running late to tech time, a tiny wardrobe malfunction, hair piece not staying in place, makeup touch-ups and numerous run throughs can leave you feeling exhausted before you even perform.

Then, it’s show time!

That ‘butterflies in your  stomach’ feeling when it was announced we were on deck, the adrenaline rush once the the curtain rises and the lights (and all eyes!) are on you, recalling all the steps you’ve learned- turn right, pivot left, (was it left?)- at light speed, all while remembering to smile, smile, smile.  And, oh yeah, celebrity judges like Brian Friedman, Chris Scott and Comfort Fedoke will be watching and critiquing us at the end, so no pressure whatsoever.  Despite all this running through my mind,  the performance was almost perfect.  All those hours spent practicing were put to the test, and although we didn’t win, it was great nonetheless.

I feel so lucky to have met and worked with such a wonderful group of inspirational, positive, and motivational people, including my lovely mother.  It’s funny how back then, she was the one who would help me learn my routines and now I was helping her.

This dance experience reminded me that sometimes life is like a dance routine: you have to take it one step at a time and be willing to step out of your comfort zone- it’s a way to make you grow!

Below, a video of our performance that felt a little like an episode of Dancing With The Stars and a picture of me with the makeup look I opted for.

I hope you enjoyed this post!