Skin Tip: Glow on the Go!

Happy Friday everyone!

Looking for inspiration to keep up your exercise routine?  A brief walk or run increases your blood flow which helps nourish skin cells and gives you a nice glow.  As always though, consult your primary physician to make sure you are cleared to work out.

Enjoy the weekend!


Skin Tip: Avoid Winter Hands!

Happy Friday readers!

Harsh winter weather coupled with frequent hand washing can leave your hands feeling extremely dry or chapped.  Using a hand cream with occlusive ingredients like shea or cocoa butter can help as well as using gloves when you’re outside.  Reapply frequently to replenish lost moisture.

Have a great weekend!


Skin Tip: How to Soften the Appearance of Fine Eye Lines!

Friday is finally here- yay!  Time for a skin tip.

An easy way to minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes is to moisturize with an eye cream. Lines and wrinkles are more prominent when the skin is dry and adding hydration softens the look.

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Skin Tip For This Labor Day Weekend!

It’s Friday and it brings Labor Day weekend with it! Yay! Any fun plans?

Speaking of Labor Day, if you’re planning on firing up the grill this weekend keep this tip in mind.  If you happened to get sunburned, the heat generated from the grill can further aggravate an already irritated complexion.  Keep some aloe vera gel (and maybe some ibuprofen) handy if this is the case.

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