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Life in general.

On any given day, we probably find one more stressful situation/event to add to our already hectic, fast-paced agendas.  We tend to give all of our attention and effort to meet these demands but how much of that energy is geared towards dedicating an equal amount on ourselves?

Not much or I don’t have time is typically the answer.   The concept of “me time” boils down to a selfish act or deemed as unimportant to the average individual, and in a sense, who can disagree?  Raising a family while having to work and tend to household chores doesn’t  offer much flexibility and can leave you feeling exhausted.  Since I love helping others, I often put their needs ahead of my own, so yeah, I am guilty as charged.  However, taking time for yourself has proven to be productive rather than its counterpart.

When you slow down your mind and thoughts, your mind and body have time to relax and replenish themselves, helping you gain fresh perspectives from whatever circumstances you’re currently facing.   Squeezing in some “me time” also allows you to better serve others.  After all, how can you take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself first? Taking time to make sure you are healthy and well cared for optimizes your ability to help others.  It’s also beneficial in reducing stress because doing something you love allows you to focus on the better aspects of life.

Working out, joining a sport/club, getting a massage or facial (my personal faves) and meditating are all great options you can explore but it can even be smaller things.  Setting aside a moment to read a chapter of a new book before going to bed, drinking a cup of tea, catching up on an episode of your favorite show, writing in a journal, even spending time on your skincare routine can work wonders.  It’s all about finding what speaks to you.

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How do you find time to take care of yourself?