The Acid Chronicles: Glycolic Acid!


Hello readers and happy Thursday!

Last week I posted on lactic acid and today I am continuing this short series with glycolic acid so read on to find out more on this AHA.

Who: Glycolic acid

What skin conditions can it help: Aging, fine lines, texture concerns, acne and hyperpigmentation

Where it comes from: Sugar cane or made synthetically

Why it’s important: It breaks down the bonds between cells that allow for easier exfoliation of the skin and is great for treating fine lines, smoothing skin texture and acne. It has the smallest molecular structure which makes it permeate faster and deeper but can cause more irritation and inflammation. *Not recommended for thin skin.

How it’s used: Glycolic acid can be found in skincare products (i.e. cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums) and also in professional treatments like chemical peels.  It also acts as a strong degreasing agent meaning it’s great for removing oil.  *Like any other exfoliating agent, limit use to a few times per week, wear sunscreen and use caution when using ingredients containing retinol as this can irritate skin.

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22 thoughts on “The Acid Chronicles: Glycolic Acid!

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  2. I really like Glycolic Acid, I used it a few times to try to get rid of hyper pigmentation on my face but it didn’t really work. It did help my skin look great and also a little of younger. Yay! lol I haven’t used it in a while, maybe at some point I’ll use it again. Great post!

    • I would say lactic acid would probably work better depending on how deep the hyperpigmentation is; of course, hydroquinone is still the ultimate lightening ingredient. Ye,s it does wonders for the texture of the skin. Thanks for your input Jen-always appreciated. 🙂

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