PopSugar Must Have Box Unboxing July 2016!


Happy almost Thursday everyone!

PopSugar Must Have subscription box is in! For those who don’t know, PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly box that includes items that range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  All items are full size and valued at over $100. This box is$39.95 per month while the new PopSugar mini box is $18.95.

PSMH Inspiration

The themes and inspiration for this month’s box.


PSMH HairSachajuan Hair in the Sun, $32

A UV hair protector for the hair, this will protect your strands from damaging UV rays, keeping your hair color vibrant that will stay on until you shampoo your hair.  I used this a few times but I haven’t really been out in the sun to see how it fully works.  It smells nice though and seems to make my stands softer.

European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter in Pearl, $19

This highlighting illuminator is multifaceted.  Use it to lift brows by blending it along your brow bone, widen eyes by applying it on your inner corners, add glow to your cheekbones or add a romantic touch to your lips by dabbing it above your cupid’s bow.  Always great to have a highlighter pencil on hand as they are easy to use and you can apply them quickly.

Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White, $30 

This skinny black and white scarf can be dressed up or down by wrapping, knotting or draping it over your ensembles or can double as a headband. *Sigh* Another scarf type thingy.  I think we’ve had about 3 in a row already.  I appreciate that this is skinny so perhaps I’ll use it as a headband or maybe to accessorize a handbag.

Emoji Napkins


House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins, $25

Designed with House of Pom, these exclusive cocktail cloth napkins allow you to serve up icy-cold drinks with cute emoji designs that are oh so #instagrammable.  One of the better items in this box, these napkins are adorable.  I’m glad they are cloth material as you can reuse the cuteness.

PSHM Snacks

Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips, $1.49

These kettle chips are an all-American classic that will give you the old-school crunch you crave.  I tried a few chips and they really weren’t anything different than Lay’s.  I kind of wish they had offered different flavors instead of a plain one but well, less calories, right? I’m always happy to see a food item in a box.

SunnyLife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder, $18

Float up to four beverages poolside with this inflatable swan so you’ll never have to leave the water. Even though you don’t have a pool this can also serve its function on any table.  I don’t have a pool so I might gift this.  I think it’s much better suited for the pool than a table.

Pintrill Pineapple

Pintrill Pineapple Pin, $12

Use this pineapple pin to pin your skinny scarf into place.  It’s a cute pin but I don’t see much use for it.  Personally, I would have preferred the pineapple ice cub tray that was featured in the PopSugar Must Have Mini.

Trove $20 Gift Card (Special Extra), $20

A $20 gift card to treat ourselves to on-trend, customizable jewelry.  I probably won’t redeem this because I hardly can remember to wear jewelry and everything on there is very pricey.

Overall, I was disappointed with this box and for the moment, I’ve cancelled my subscription with PopSugar.  While I’ve loved past boxes, I’ve been accumulating a lot of stuff I don’t use and certain items are being repeated. Maybe in the future I’ll give it another go but it’s goodbye for now.  😦

What are your thoughts on this box?  




PopSugar Must Have Unboxing June 2016!


Hi everyone!

PopSugar Must Have subscription box is in! For those who don’t know, PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly box that includes items that range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  All items are full size and valued at over $100. This box is$39.95 per month while the new PopSugar mini box is $18.95.

June Inspiration

The themes that inspired June’s box.


NCLA Born On the 4th Nail Lacquer, $16 

This cruelty-free red, white, and blue polish can stand alone or worn on top of a different polish.  I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks very festive and appropriate for the 4th of July weekend.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $9

An easy way to freshen up on the go, these travel-ready wipes neutralize odors and have an aluminum-free and vegan formula.  I was a bit skeptical to try these at first but also curious as I have been looking for natural deodorant alternatives.  I’m actually impressed with how well these held up throughout the day and while working out.  I did find I needed to reapply before working out to keep completely odor free but overall, I will definitely purchase these again.

Knock Knock Are Your Ready (For Your Close-Up?) Compact, $10

A cheeky compact mirror that’s durable enough to throw into a beach bag for touch-ups on the go.  Personally, this item felt a little on the cheap side.  One side kind of magnifies which is nice but I gave this one away as I just wasn’t thrilled with it.

Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am I?” Quiz, $12.95

An easy-to-play game that you can bring anywhere to keep you and your friends guessing which celebrity it is.  Haven’t used this but I’m sure it will come in handy as I’m always up for board games. I just hope that they’re not too hard to guess. 😉

Sisters of Los Angeles “Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener, $12.95

A weekend staple, this golden bar accessory is the ideal companion to your favorite brew.  Again, not an item I was overly thrilled with.  It’s nice and sturdy with some heft but eh, nothing to brag about.

Pressels Siracha, $1.29 

I’m pretty much always happy when there are food items included.  These have less fat and sodium than regular chips with a hint of spice.  Although these were definitely not spicy or close to a siracha flavor, they were still tasty nonetheless and provided a filling snack.

Hat Attack

Hat Attack Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong, $58

This multifunctional sarong is lightweight and easy to pack.  You can switch up how you tie it, creating different possibilities on how to use it.  Another item I was just not too thrilled to receive either. It has a nice design but I think I would have preferred a beach towel.

Overall, this was not my favorite box.  The main item that was stellar was the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes and I enjoyed the Pressels but other than these, this box was not exciting. 😦  Here’s to hoping next month is better.

What did you think of this month’s box?






PopSugar Must Have Box Unboxing May 2016!


Hi readers! This is the last of the subscription boxes I subscribed to this month so let’s take a look at what was included.  For those who don’t know, PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly box that includes items that range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  All items are full size and valued at over $100. This box is$39.95 per month while the new PopSugar mini box is $18.95.

Let’s take a look at this month!


Spongelle Spongology Body Buffer, $20

Made with organic extracts and sulfate-free ingredients, this body wash infused sponge cleanses, exfoliates and massages skin.  The moment I opened the box, I caught a whiff of this lavender eucalyptus sponge and it smelled so good. I haven’t used this yet but it’ll ensure soft skin so lotions glide on effortlessly.

Kocostar Foot Therapy, $10

Just in time for sandal weather, these foot wraps promise to give you soft soles using natural, paraben-free botanical extracts.  I’ve been curious to try exfoliating foot wraps and I’ll try them out this weekend.

Foot Therapy

Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply, $25

A mist that is infused with peppermint and eucalyptus oils meant to invigorate and soothe.  You can mist it over your face or spritz it on your yoga mat after a workout session.  I personally prefer the latter as I love yoga combined with aromatherapy-it takes yoga to a different level.

Yoga Mat

GaiamFoldable Yoga Mat, $24.98

This blue ultra light-weight yoga mat is compact and foldable which allows you to transport in a tote bag. True to the description, it is easier to carry this around since it folds and although it’s a little bit smaller width size than my normal mat,I’m sold on the fact that it’s portable.


Bluma Project Capri Bracelets- Set of 2, $44

These bracelets are handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans that have a combination of blue and gold hues.  I think these bracelets are cute, however this is either the second or third time that PopSugar features a jewelry item with tassels and I’m not huge fan of it.  We’ll see how this works.

JimmyBar! Peanut Butter Clutter JimmyBar! Clean Snack Bar, $2.49

Snack on this gluten and dairy free bar for a pre-workout energy boost.  A combination of dates eliminates the need for added sugar and peanut butter makes this a perfect sweet and salty snack. Delicious!

Hint Kick (Special Extra), $1.69

Each of these drinks contain 60mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of a small cup of coffe.  It’s lightly infused with fruit flavors to provide a refreshing pick me up.  I received the lemon cayenne pepper one and it had a spicy kick to it for sure.  I’m not a huge caffeine drinker but I did like this one and wouldn’t mind purchasing it every once in a while.

Half Hitch Goods $10 Gift Card (Special Extra), $10

Use the credit on this gift card to purchase a quality-crafted gift for you or someone you love. I quickly scanned the website for this one and they have some neat, albeit pricey, things.  If I use it, most likely I’ll purchase a candle.

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara (Special Extra), $8.99

This mega volumizing mascara formula is said to leave you with intense lashes.  I like some of Revlon’s mascaras so I’m curious to find out how well this works.




Overall, I liked this month as there were a lot of great items included for summer and it’s always handy to have a foldable yoga mat. 🙂

What did you think of this month’s box? 




PopSugar Must Have Unboxing March 2016!


Hi guys!  March’s PopSugar Must Have box has arrived and if you haven’t heard of this it’s a monthly box whose items range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  All items are full size and valued at over $100. Subscriptions range from $18.95-$39.95.

Take a look at this month’s inspiration plus the contents inside!

PSMH Inspiration

Inspiration behind March’s box. 



Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, $4.49

This toothpaste is peroxide and preservative-free, vegan, packaged in a recyclable carton, and made in the USA, making it good for you and the earth.  I’ve received samples of the Hello toothpaste in one of my Target Beauty Boxes and I liked it.  Will try this soon.

Govino Go-Anywhere Carafe and Water Glass Set, $14.95

Made from BPA-free polymer, this carafe and glass stylishly helps you hit your daily water intake goal.  It resembles fine crystal but is shatterproof, making it easy to take it anywhere you go.  Picnic anyone?

Goodie Girl Cookies Toffee Chaos, $4.99

Toffee and chocolate cookies.  Need I say more? Oh, they are also gluten-free, made with kosher dairy and sans peanuts, and have a low fat, sugar and calorie content.  Share at your discretion. 😉


Miss Ivy Pearl Five-Tassel Necklace, $38

This necklace is minimal enough to be worn with other beachy baubles or alone.  I love the color but am not a huge fan of tassels. We’ll see if I can make this work.

Nanette Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch, $55

For lovers of the rose gold trend (me!), this watch exclusively designed for PopSugar features a neutral strap that makes it easy to pair with all of your favorite outfits.  So glad this one was included. *Swoon.*



LOLA Gift Card (Special Extra), $10

A gift card that provides a free box of tampons made with 100 percent cotton.  Not sure if I need a subscription box for feminine products but I’ll keep it in mind.


Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty, Minimal Makeup, $24

A beauty kit that has two highlighters, two cheek tints, and four eyeshadows.  It’s your secret weapon to create the perfect “no makeup” look that will enhance your natural glow and eliminate the guesswork from your daily beauty routine.  As pretty as this looks, I will be gifting this away as I already have similar colors.

That’s it for this month’s box.  It’s not my absolute favorite box from PopSugar, but I love the watch that was included so no loss here.

What do you think of this month’s box? 


PopSugar Must Have Unboxing February 2016!


Hi guys!  February’s PopSugar Must Have box has arrived and if you haven’t heard of this it’s a monthly box whose items range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  Subscription plans start at $39.95, all items are full size and are valued at over $100.

I’m excited to share this month’s box so keep reading to see what came in the box. 🙂


Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion, $18

This soothing lotion moisturizes winter skin to leave it hydrated, soft, and smelling faintly of coconut and floral scents.  A favorite of mine already.

Victoria’s Secret Sports Socks (Special Extra) 

Socks that provide a cushioned sole, arch support and made with fabric that keeps your feet cool and dry even while working out. Of course I will be using these.  You can never have enough socks, right?

Victoria’s Secret Reward Card (Special Extra) 

A $20 gift card to use at Victoria’s Secret?  Yes please!  Love their sports bras, but not the price, so this will come in handy.

Beauty Counter

Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm, $50

A cleanser formulated with carefully sourced ingredients to remove makeup and impurities while also moisturizing skin.  Also included is a soft muslin cloth to remove the cleanser with.  I’ve tried this twice, sans the muslin cloth, and while I find it does help makeup breakdown quicker, I definitely need to follow up with a cleanser because it leaves behind a greasy residue. UPDATE 4/2016: I stopped using this one as it was making me break out.

Fringe Studio Hello Beautiful Square Tray, $14

A kiln-fired glass tray that can serve as an elegant accessory for work or home that has the words Hello Beautiful embossed on it.

JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring, $28

A dainty ring that has, “just the right amount of bling to wear alone or stacked with other pieces.”  I love this ring with the simple yet chic design.  However, sizes seem to run a bit small on these.

Cookie Mix

Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix, $12.95

Co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Foodstirs cookie kit is, “free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives.”  This kit includes the cookie mix, a heart-shaped cookie cutter and pink crystalized sugar. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Tilo Heart Print Scarf, $125 

This scarf was designed exclusively for POPSUGAR and has white hearts imprinted on them.

Definitely one of my favorite boxes for sure!

What are your thoughts on this month’s box? 



PopSugar Must Have Unboxing January 2016!


Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  My PopSugar Must Have Box arrived over the weekend so here’s a quick rundown of what was included this month.

Blue Sky Day Designer Weekly Planner, $16

A perfect item to include for a new year to keep you on track.  While I did give this one to my sister, I’m definitely going to check out other designs.

Not Soap, Radio Bath and Shower Gel Gift Set, $22

A positive and unique approach to shower gels, these smell amazing and each of them has an uplifting message.  Clarity, luck, confidence, happiness and calm are themes included here.

Patchology FlashMasque Trio, $20

Facial sheet masks are popular and these claim to “revitalize, hydrate and illuminate skin” in just five minutes.


Not Soap Radio

Pehr Designs Pebble Sack Bin, $40

A storage bin that can house hats, scarves, toys, books and beyond.  Great for keeping things organized.

Pehr Designs

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo,$18.99

In this book, expert cleaning consultant Marie Kondo illustrates “how to spark joy in our lives through tidying up,” and how to stay organized all year round.  Definitely not a book I would have normally chosen on my own but I’ve skimmed through it and it looks very interesting.

Project & INC Summer Snow Sugar Free Gum, $2 

Sugar free gum whose, “proceeds from every seventh pack purchased go toward antibullying efforts in the US.”

Chapstick Total Hydration 100% Natural Soothing Vanilla, $2.99

Considered a special extra, this chapstick protects lips against dryness with argan oil and other natural oils and butters.  It’s portable and does provide much needed moisture to my lips.

Spark Joy

Overall, this month’s box was okay-not my favorite but it has some practical items that I will use.

What do you think of this month’s box? 


PopSugar Must Have Unboxing December 2015!



Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  It’s windy and gloomy over here today but luckily I have an insight to December’s PopSugar Must Have Box to brighten things up.  Let’s get to it! 🙂

Luv AJ The Rose Gold Ombre Bracelet, $65 

An ombre bracelet that has a mix of silver, rose gold and gold plating.

Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box, $36 

A jewelry box that has a stitched blue leatherette and suede interior-perfect for housing the rose gold ombre bracelet we received.

Jewelry Box

My Cup of Cake Classic Belgian Chocolate, $5.99

It doesn’t get much simpler than this three minute gourmet souffle that features dark Belgian chocolate and all-natural ingredients.

Meri Meri Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape, $4

Perfect for the holiday occasion, this white glitter tape adds a sparkling finish to your gifts.

Nima Oberoi Lunares Geo Stopper, $24 

An exclusive geo stopper, wine lovers will appreciate this bottle stopper that is handcrafted to not tarnish or break so you can reuse it.


Stowaway Cosmetics Creme Lipstick Trio, $30 

A lipstick trio that is designed for the girl on the go.  They are small enough to fit comfortably in your clutch and also to be used up before they expire. Shades include Muted Plum, Raspberry and Cranberry.

Tiny Prints Gift Tag Stickers + $20 Promo Code, $20 (Special Extra)

Another great holiday item, these heart gift tag stickers have already been used to seal Christmas gifts.  A $20 off your purchase card was also included with this.


Below is a swatch of Muted Plum.  I may gift the others away so I didn’t swatch those but one is a bright red shade (Cranberry) and the other is similar to fuschia (Raspberry).  These remind be of Bite Beauty except Muted Plum has a little more slip to it which makes it glide effortlessly on the lips

Muted Plum

Stowaway Cosmetics Muted Plum

As with my other PopSugar boxes, I am pleased with the items included in here, especially the lipsticks and the holiday tags!


What do you think of this month’s box? 


PopSugar Must Have Unboxing November 2015!


Hi readers!  It’s almost the weekend again. Yay!

PopSugar Must Have Box also came in last weekend so here’s your peek at November’s box.

Tarte Eyes

Gramr Gratitude Co. Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack, $10 

A cute set of 5 postcards.  They included a $15 coupon code to try out their quarterly subscription.

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty and the Box Eyeshadow in Apple of My Eye, $22 

When I first saw we were getting a Tarte eyeshadow quad, I wasn’t too thrilled but after seeing the shades, it’s clearly the star of the box.  Perfect fall and everyday colors.  This is a new product from Tarte’s fall line that will soon be released.


Tarte Swatches

Swatches of the eyeshadow quad. Top-Bottom: Gala, Honeycrisp, Caramel and Golden Delicious. I’m really loving Caramel.

PS 2

West Emory Bingbo Set, $20 

Pretty self explanatory.  Not sure if I will keep this or gift it away but it’s a good idea for a rainy day.

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband, $56 

This festive headband seems to be a perfect fit for the holidays coming up.

Capri Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain, $18 

I love candles and this one is no exception.  Everything from the packaging, a recycled hand blown glass box with wooden lid, to the scent is lovely.  Plus, it can be used as a keepsake box after the candle is finished.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard, $7.30

I must admit I love honey mustard and was happy to receive this.  It’s gluten and dairy free and tastes a little bit like Dijon mustard. I couldn’t taste the pecans really. This can be used as a vegetable glaze, cheese pairing, sauce for pork tenderloin or roast turkey, or pretzel dip.

Another good box from PopSugar. 🙂

What’s your favorite item? 


PopSugar Must Have Unboxing October 2015!

Disclaimer: This post contains a referral link.


Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  October’s PopSugar Must Have Box arrived over the weekend, prompting a great start. 🙂  Take a peek at what was included in this month’s box!

Inspiration behind this months box.

Oct Insp


The Honest Company Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub Lavender Vanilla, $17

Perfect for fall and winter, this body scrub has sugar and salt to slough away dead skin cells while shea butter and almond oils hydrate the skin.  Oh, and it is Lavender scented. 🙂

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling, $25 

I’ll be honest and say I’m not really a fan of The Mindy Project but I did read the first chapter in this book and I found it entertaining.  This book is a collection of essays that “shed light on her less-than-perfect fit in Hollywood.”

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, $11.96

Considered a special extra, this leave-in product detangles, adds shine and stops frizz.  “It’s a 10 Haircare is a proud partner of Right Action For Women, helping provide advanced cancer screening to women.”

Belgian Boys De Stoopwafel, $1.59

The second item I tried after taking pictures and this was heavenly! It’s a caramel-filled waffle that’s a nice treat without being overly sweet.

Donation to Breast Cancer Awareness

“In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PopSugar Must Have has made a donation to Right Action For Women.”

PS 1

Easy, Tiger Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set, $8 

Definitely not something I would have ever thought to purchase, these imaged paper bags can be used to carry your favorite bottle of wine to any special occasion.

Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcase, $36 

This 100% satin pillowcase “prevents sleep wrinkles, reduces hair breakage, and protects salon blowouts for the ultimate sleep experience.”  I do notice that sometimes I wake up with these creases on the side of my face with my regular pillowcases and since switching to this, they seem less pronounced.  More time will tell.

Richer Poorer Hope Slipper Socks, $15 

These pink slipper socks were designed by PopSugar to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. “Richer Poorer proudly supports the fight against breast cancer and the important work of Right Action for Women.” These will come in handy once things start cooling down over here but for now, these will be put away as the sight of them causes me to cringe with this hot weather.

Danielle Steven Monogram Gift Card, $40 

Another special extra, this $40 gift card can be used to receive your own monogrammed statement piece.

Also included were coupon codes: 20% off Savvy Sleepers and 30% off products purchased online from The Honest Company.

PS 2

If you’re interested in trying out PopSugar Must Have, click here and if you need an incentive, check out this sneak peek of what’s included in every November PopSugar Must Have Box.

Sneak Peek Nov. 

Have a great Tuesday,


PopSugar Must Have Unboxing August 2015!

PSMH August

Hi guys!  August’s PopSugar Must Have box has arrived and if you haven’t heard of this it’s a monthly box whose items range from fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food, making it a well rounded subscription box.  Subscription plans start at $39.95, all items are full size and are valued at over $100. Curious to see what was included?  Keep reading!

The inspiration behind the box

August Insp

Contents of the box + Description

Happy Jackson Yay Lunch! Lunch Box, $10 

Step aside ziplock bags, there’s a cute yellow box that will now be used to store my snacks.

Meri Meri Toot Sweet Stripe Napkins, $5.95

Chic pink striped napkins that are versatile enough to use for birthdays, baby showers or picnics.

Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate, $4.99

Perfect for those days when you’re craving an iced coffee but a trip to Starbucks is out of the question. This item was considered a ‘special extra’.

Pastel Best Day Ever Mug, $12

A dishwasher and microwave-safe mug that starts you off on a positive note whether you’re enjoying coffee or tea.

Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment, $36

An eye cream containing peptides that is said to smooth fine lines while “super extracts banish dark circles.”  I’m not entirely convinced of banishing dark circle claim but excited to try this out anyway.

Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancake and Waffle Mix, $7.99

A pancake and waffle mix that is birthday cake flavored?  The weekend can’t come soon enough!

American Colors Mediterranean Plaid Scarf, $79

With fall around the corner, a scarf made from 100% cotton gauze was included as our go-to accessory. We’ll see if California weather will allow for scarfs.

August Im


Not pictured

MyYogaWorks 3-Month Trial, $45 

A 3-month online trial that let’s you practice yoga with over 700 online classes available to choose from.

Overall, I will be making use of all the products here so I’m happy with the contents of the box.

What are your thoughts?